Assemblage Art!

Susan Kaplan

Over the years I have been a big collector of vintage and antique items. While I love jewelry, it was no means limited to this. I also collect other small pieces and lots of paper ephemera. This has resulted in a huge stockpile of "old stuff" that needed a new purpose. 

Well, since last year I have been giving some of that stuff a new purpose, resulting in a collection of themed assemblage art boxes. These are also sometimes called "altered art" or just "tin boxes" or "Altoid boxes". I usually make these pieces from the standard size Altoid boxes, but have a few of the mini variety which are truly challenging. This new avenue for me has come from my love of working with miniatures (I once built and furnished a dollhouse) and my love of all things vintage, specifically mid-century modern although I do have much older things as well.  

Each box requires a lot of planning and includes many steps. I like to work on two or three boxes at a time as that provides drying time for one box as I work on another one. That way I don't have to be bored while things are drying or setting properly. 

Take a look at my little boxes---and enjoy!

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